Exquisite & luxury-Piaget G0A37113

Since the foundation of Piaget in 1874, it has been dedicating its efforts and innovations into every piece of work, and choose innovation and pursues in details as its priority. After years of development, Piaget is able to combine the watch and jewel in a graceful way and great watches are produced one after one. In this post, we will feel how Piaget grasp the idea of simplicity and exquisite through Piaget G0A37113.

The Piaget G0A37113 is an automatic watch with 43 mm of its diameter. White gold, which is applied to build this watch, and glaring diamonds decide the class of G0A37113. What’s more, as one of the Piaget watches, it has a round and eclipse design on its appearance, which is amazing. With the black alligator bracelet, the black colors gives us a strong visual contrast to the white diamonds, one again pulling G0A37113 into a high level.

Piaget G0A37113 does not only has an outstanding quality, it also has useful functions to realize its value as well as providing useful help to the bearer. The basic time display in Piaget G0A37113 is different from normal watches, as it does not have small second dial and central small second is applied to chronograph, therefore, only hours and minutes can be displayed clearly in this watch.

The chronograph can be done through the central small second dial and 30-minutes dial to make it looks simple and reflects this effects, the maximum time that it can display in the chronograph is 30 minutes. Although 30 minutes is a little bit short, it is enough for the daily use. In addition, flyback technique is applied to it. When counting time, press the flyback button and then minute hand and second hand will return to zero at once and then you can start the next phase of counting.

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