Breguet Tradition 7067 GMT – White Or Rose Gold

In 2005, Breguet launched the first Tradition 7027 that placed the movement structure in the surface of the dial, making it be the most representative masterpiece in the world. Now Breguet launched a dual time watch, and it would definitely gains popularity among travelers. The brand new 7067 inherits the bold design from the 7027 as you can see that the main mechanical structure is placed on the dial and is visible to us, you will be able to see how this wonderful movement works. The manipulation is quite convenient. The asymmetric dial is set at 12 o’clock that could display the second time zone, and it could be adjusted through the button at 10 o’clock.

No matter what its accessory function it is, this Tradition Dual time sticks to its original design, as you can see the gray movement and the pendulum at 12 o’clock is quite arresting. The hairspring that improve the height of curve at the end and vertical escapement are expressed in silicon material, and all those come from Breguet invention, improving the stability and accuracy of the movement. 18k rose gold and white gold case is manually winding and has 50 hours of energy reserve. This is the first Tradition watch that has energy indicator in the case back. Through that see-through sapphire mirror, you can see those hidden details on the movement. The movement has 40 diamond in the movement that support its working.

Breguet Tradition 7067 GMT melts the frontier design and tradition together, and displays the classic feature to its best. The delicate Cote de Geneva, skeleton pointed blue Breguet steel hands, welding lug, engraving patterns, independent serial number and hidden Breguet signature. This art piece of both result of technology and original art style, represents Breguet’s returning to the old tradition and design, it also symbolize Breguet’s best wishes.

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